Negligent Security

The Ryles Firm has litigated nearly 100 cases involving the failure to provide adequate security resulting in the victim suffering severe injuries and/or death. Since 2000, The Ryles Firm has earned more than $30 million in verdicts and settlements in those cases. In most negligent security cases, the plaintiff who has been injured due to a criminal act brings an action against the owner, manager, and/or occupier of the premises. These entities are in a position to control or prevent the incident from occurring where the plaintiff was injured.

The general common law principle is that there is no duty to protect against harm caused by the criminal act of a third party. The exception is that a duty is imposed to take reasonable measures where such criminal acts are foreseeable. Establishments such as bars, restaurants, flea markets, shopping centers, nursing homes, banks, hotels, and apartment buildings have all been subjects of successfully litigated negligent security claims. By representing individuals permanently injured in cases stemming from negligent security, we actively make the community safe for the public.

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